The Little Bug'gaz box selection is available in Grey Crickets from 1/4 to Adult size.

  • There are separate moist and dry feed flaps to keep feed separate and prevent mould developing. Dry feed drops to the bottom and moist feed stays on top of the egg boxes..
  • There is no chance of escapees up the edges between the side flaps and the top flaps when the box is open as everything fits securely and the mesh is secured directly to the box with non toxic glue.
  • The entire box provides plenty of crawling space as the box itself, egg boxes and separators are used by the crickets.
  • You have a more controlled feed as you can place the entire box in the enclosure and allow as many or few to exit as you wish.
  • Cardboard raw inner absorbs the moisture so the crickets stay dry inside. The outside is glossed to discourage moisture being drawn in… (just don't keep the box standing on wet surfaces)
  • The egg boxes inside fit snugly so assist to keep the box in shape and secure so crickets don’t get squashed.
  • There is massive cross ventilation which is ideal, especially in summer to prevent sweating and overheating, especially in very hot areas.

How to use the Little Bug'gaz Boxes

Place box cardboard side down in your enclosure.

Open flap and watch your reptiles feed.

Close and secure flap until the next feed...